There are 360° so why stick to one -Zaha Hadid Space-saving seems to involve quite a bit of tessellation, it makes sense – maximise what can be contained within a given space. Everything seems foldable or have the capacity to be hidden in plain sight. These concepts are also present in an initial sketch completed:   […]

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Constellation’s presence is beginning to be felt more clearly, there is a lot of work that needs to be done between today and the deadline. The current growth of my dissertation is still in incubation. It’s almost like an unborn child feeding on any academic nutrients that it can attain. The meeting with Ashley has […]

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Anxiousness was one of the feelings present amongst many others. Had he done enough to prepare him for this wave that will be the 3rd year? comforting himself, he fell asleep only to face reality tomorrow. The sun dawned on a very sleepy and tired student, he carried out his rituals of getting ready (no […]

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Hello old friend

It’s been a while since I have made a contribution towards this blog of mine. The holidays started off in clearly marked schedules yet this seemed to go out the window after a few weeks. Motivations seems to be beyond lost to start my dissertation, it’s a subject that causes anxiousness about my grades and […]

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Secret Squirrel

She sat there annotating and critiquing almost each and every paragraph whilst I laughed, not at her but at my feeble attempts to convey an important message. Mysterious girl (dissertation) I want to be close to you Ok, that was cringy and I apologise. Originally there would be confusion as for why Ashley couldn’t understand […]

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Field 1,500 words reflection

When undertaking the process of constructing a business, a key learning experience was understanding how to get a name out there among the sea of competitors. Starting up a business seemed relatively tricky and resulted in our group thinking of names that would not only represent our brand but, also be memorable with the customers. […]

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Ramadan Revelation

First of all, there was anxiousness about how I would be able to get past these deadlines whilst sleep deprived and also hungry. As mentioned in the previous post, I was stressing quite a bit. Reflecting upon this, however, I am either on track and confident or, have made peace with my ever so impending […]

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