My first review took place after a change of tutors. It went well and I learned new things as well as gaining a new directive. My water lily concept was proven to contain a key flaw which means that I need to either improve on it or go back to the drawing board. I chose the […]

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Page 5

Many sketches were created for my tutor’s Wednesday review. The feedback received was positive. There were comments made on the pages of sketches I had presented, more specifically ‘page 5’. My tutor had praised the concepts on that page as something which was a testament as to why I am on the course.  This left me feeling really […]

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Flowering sucess

This mornings tutorial was quite a pleasant one. I showed my sketches and concepts to my tutor and he really liked the designs that push the boundaries. To be more specific, he quite liked concepts with floral influences and discussed further development processes. We also discussed developing 2 additional ideas to see where they would take […]

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Furniture Surveillance

After conducting research, I have found myself confused how to use it and where to go. The initial concepts of a wall divider have been somewhat of a narrow-minded approach to the needs of an innovative piece of furniture. After meeting with my tutor, he has instructed me to be more ambitious and design say […]

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Wall + Chair = WAir

Wair oh wair do I have space for my chair? Ok I am consciously spelling the word wrong (duh). Designing space saving objects (and reading some books) have garnered an idea of a wall partition which can double up as a piece of furniture. While reading the book ‘designs for small spaces’ by Jennifer Hudson, she […]

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Mustering for Masters

Initially, the idea was that masters took two years, this was corrected after a year meeting with our head of subject (Clara). I have found that it takes only one year and you can get funding. The thought is very tempting, I enjoy Product Design and would very much like to be a specialist in […]

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