Furniture Surveillance

After conducting research, I have found myself to be in a position where there is uncertainty as to how to use it and where to go. The initial concepts of a wall divider have been somewhat of a narrow-minded approach to the needs of an innovative piece of furniture. After meeting with my tutor, he […]

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Wall + Chair = WAir

Wair oh wair do I have space for my chair? Ok I am consciously spelling the word wrong (duh). Designing space saving objects (and reading some books) have garnered an idea of a wall partition which can double up as a piece of furniture. While reading the book ‘designs for small spaces’ by Jennifer Hudson, she […]

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Mustering for Masters

Initially the idea was that masters takes two years, this was corrected after a year meeting with our head of subject (Clara). I have found that it takes only one year and you can get funding. The thought is very tempting, I enjoy Product Design and would very much like to be a specalist in […]

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Catch him if you can

In all of three weeks, I have only seen my tutor once. This is quite alarming as many of my peers are completing a lot of work under the direction of theirs. Based on what I’ve learned of my tutor, I can say that he is always rushing around attending many other things… except for […]

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Baffling Bibliography

Bibliography, bibliography, bibliography – even writing the word caused conscious typing. I manage to type the main body of research and conclude findings, yet it is the bibliography that causes some confusion. Referencing websites are used to do the task for me (much to the dismay of my tutor) however it is the time that […]

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Learners Diss’

Most of my reviews have contained the same feedback, which was to use less phrases or terminologies i.e. jargon. I have been told that dissertations are pieces of academic work which have the aim to educate people on matters they are novices in. As such, key phrases need to be avoided in order to keep […]

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