Story 2

A strange buzzing woke her. She leaned over expecting her friends to drunkenly facetime her from the party, but her phone was silent. Instead, she stared at the phone bleary-eyed and noticed it was 5 AM. The buzzing persisted which warranted further inspection. Her room was dingy with clutter everywhere, plates of leftovers rested by the […]

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Fruit Pot

I sat there, in front of the computer having my lunch when I noticed something, the fruit in the pot was being organised by myself in an almost subconscious manner. My mind seemed to be a separate component to the rest of my body, just observing what was being carried out. The fruit pot contained Pineapples, […]

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It happened so fast, no-one had time to prepare. The elders always warned us about this, but now… it’s too late. Yesterdays attack was brutal. They escaped out of nowhere and lashed out viciously, like they were creatures void of any human resemblance. The sirens are still blaring, telling us to evacuate while it’s still light […]

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