Review reflection

My presentation was right next to a girl who was presenting at the same time. This was obviously not going to work so they decided to let one person go first. That person was me I was quite nervous what with yesterday’s events. Richard had reassured me I would do fine which was some help. […]

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Presentation Practice

For our presentation, we need to talk for approximately 5 minutes. After timing myself, I have concluded that – I have got no hope of making it! Everytime I talk, I say different things and go on different tangents which lead to a slow or fast tone of voice. Although variety is good, it is not […]

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Posters and patches

I have printed out the posters on good quality paper and then stuck them on to an a3 board. Using my trusted and very valued silicone gun I added them to the wall – utilising a spirit level to get the angles as straight as possible. Once they had dried I got some glass cleaner […]

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Seldom shelving

After the paint had dried, I decided to put up some shelves using ‘no nails’. The acrylic shelf went up… and then came straight back down. Seems like I need to put more adhesive on them. I tried again and then cautiously stood next to it- waiting for it to fall again. Luckily, it never. Time […]

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Painting and Chalking

I brought in the paint and painted the left side green and it looked OK- ish. Ideally I wanted it to be a shade lighter but also didn’t want to ruin the overall look. I then went on to paint the right purple but was a bit apprehensive about how it would look. After brainstorming […]

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Exhibition Excercise

We were given the go ahead to choose our places and start the set up. Many of us ran around scavenging for 3rd years shelves to recycle. I had already made a few shelves out of clear acrylic so I was in an acceptable position. My initial idea is to paint the board green one […]

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Guide update

I got my 5 year old niece to proof read my work. She liked the house style and layout as well as the colours however, could not read all of the words. Examples are: Titanium, Awesome as well as Missions. These have been changed to Metal, Cool and Task. I didn’t spend much time on […]

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