Ramadan Revelation

First of all, there was anxiousness about how I would be able to get past these deadlines whilst sleep deprived and also hungry. As mentioned in the previous post, I was stressing quite a bit. Reflecting upon this, however, I am either on track and confident or, have made peace with my ever so impending […]

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Chaotic Stressing

So much to do, so little time. There was quite a chaos caused with regards to the CNC machine, it meant that people had to wait for not 1 but 2+ (maybe more) weeks to get their models finished. According to our lecturer, it should take us no less than 4 weeks to get them ready. […]

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OK so most of my boards are done, it’s just the Bill of Materials that needs to be completed and there is just a week left until the presentation date, it seems that I am doing okay then – oh wait, there is still the A5 description to do.. great!. Actually, that shouldn’t take long. […]

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More stairs to climb

Just when things are looking better, there is the addition of more work… yay! The drill project is coming along, not nicely – just coming along. I am trying to get my posters done before my drill will be CNC’d so that I can concentrate on that alone when it is done. In total there […]

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Virtual Headache

So, how is everything you may ask, well the honest answer to that is It could be better There is a very unlikely chance that my drill will actually get CNC’d, this is due to the workshop being almost out of their depth on the amount of work they have to do as well as […]

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A compact drill in a compact world

My first-year designs are coming back to me, more specifically the first week of university in which we drew multiple objects. With the recent brief and previous concept of down sizing, I am thinking of adopting the same strategy: 1) Reduce the quantity of materials used and source from renewable sources wherever possible. At least […]

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Drilling my way through

Once more into the world of CAD, it has been nice to me so far as I have managed to complete my glue gun successfully (still pleasantly surprised). My hopes and expectations are beginning to look up now as I am feeling better about the whole thing. However, I get the feeling things are about […]

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