Plaster practice

As part of the workshop that we could choose. I had decided to go for using plaster as a fine art material. I had planned to make an owl using an existing ornament but it seems that the plan is on hold for the moment. I first of all made a form of a head […]

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Creative choices

Well I have other plans that I would like to do.  The pots that I threw were too small for planters, so my sister has asked me to create some more bigger ones – raku fired. (Sorry Matt)  I want to create three vases for my other sister so she can display them in her […]

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Not so raku 

As I was making my first vase, my friend had jokingly asked me to make one for him. He was getting engaged soon, so  I thought it was a good idea as a small gift.  He didn’t like my previous raku attempt and thought the effect was well, ugly – each to their own I […]

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Chucking  pottery 

While raku firing I had told Matt about my desire to do some pottery throwing. Matt informed me about a tutor called Duncan who could help me.  I then attended an induction course where I managed to turn out a few satisfactory pots. The experience was quite cool when using the wheel, however my work […]

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Raku firing

I really wanted to try raku firing, since I saw it on the pottery throwdown. The uni held workshops and this was my chance!  First day I decided to make a vase – basically didn’t know what else to make!  Matt (techician) introduced a method called coiling which was effective when using raku clay. I […]

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