Oxygen Filtration

With all of the amazing smells that I had come across from my visit abroad, I thought of one thing, what If there was a filter that allowed for bad smells and other harmful things to be blocked. i.e. something that could prevent the user from smelling the fumes from cars or not be included […]

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Flies, Flies, Flies, do me a favour and fly away… In any hot country, especially ones that are not amazing on the hygiene rating there will inevitably be flies. Ok I admit, I lived in the village in Pakistan (unfortunately) but these blasted flies were everywhere, on the marble floors, kitchen worktops and casually sitting […]

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Green polka dotted scarf

It seems that such scarf is very popular. I had initially noticed it when the housemaid would come down and carry out her chores. I didn’t think much of it, just thought it was another scarf – that was until I went to the bazaar. There it was present in mass numbers, almost each and […]

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Based on the FPE chair by Ron Arad, the FPE i.e. Fantastic, Plastic, Elastic is something that could be quite revolutionary for design in small spaces. This new concept will be manufactured in the same way as its original ‘counterpart’ yet will utilise the space left by the milling to include runners. Runners?! Yes, what […]

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