Field 1,500 words reflection

When undertaking the process of constructing a business, a key learning experience was understanding how to get a name out there among the sea of competitors. Starting up a business seemed relatively tricky and resulted in our group thinking of names that would not only represent our brand but, also be memorable with the customers. […]

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Unorthodox mock

The design of our chair was greatly helped by discovering the relaxation of the back, eases the stress on the spine. My group member has undertaken some research and we decided to go with it. Creating a 1:1 mock of our chair brought out some spontaneity. Rather than use cardboard like the rest of the […]

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Awkward measuring

The next step in designing a chair is to identify whether the proportions are correct i.e can you actually sit on the thing or not. Cue walking around the building with a measuring tape and awkwardly measuring the dimensions of random chairs. The main ideology behind the measurements is to find which dimensions are most […]

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Casual interrogation

A new field module has started today which is aimed towards designing a chair for a member of CSAD staff. I got put into a team with another person and we have to design a chair for Owen Stickler. I don’t actually know who that is however, we have an interview with him so that […]

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Quick way to make money

Field has started for the second year and I am currently enrolled in a module titled as above. From what I’ve seen at the moment – I feel that this will be an intensive course. We need to come up with a product that we’ll sell and hopefully make a profit on. I’m yet to […]

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Field confusion

I have just complete my field presentation and i’m happy to say it went well. If i’m being really picky, i could have improved by fitting the presentation in to the four minute time slot but oh well. What’s done is done. I mean I never even got to show my drawings I spent all […]

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