Mustering for Masters

Initially the idea was that masters takes two years, this was corrected after a year meeting with our head of subject (Clara). I have found that it takes only one year and you can get funding.

The thought is very tempting, I enjoy Product Design and would very much like to be a specalist in the field .

However, there are other forces at play as well my academic intentions. I feel that I need to get a job a.s.a.p. to aid in my families provisions.

After meeting with my tutor – he raised a good point. Wouldn’t bettering your speciality, create a more rewarding employment which in turn – would benefit the family.

This is obviously something that I need to think about. My tutor informed me that I was capable of getting a good mark and also able to get onto the masters.

I need to talk this over with the rest of my family, at the current moment I have discussed this with my mother and her response was

Go for it!


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