Anxiousness was one of the feelings present amongst many others. Had he done enough to prepare him for this wave that will be the 3rd year? comforting himself, he fell asleep only to face reality tomorrow.

The sun dawned on a very sleepy and tired student, he carried out his rituals of getting ready (no sacrifices of animals were made in the making of this blog entry) and set off to go to university. He was in the senior year of his undergrad, big things were expected now.



The morning consisted of 3 one-hour lectures.. actually, it was spent running around a field which was refreshing and unexpected, to say the least. The principle behind this was to get the first years acquainted with their peers and not to throw us into the deep end straight away. I have a feeling that things are going to progress really quickly very soon.

After a brief lecture of what to expect in this year as well as what is required, we were left alone to our work.



I have looked into the briefs present on Moodle and one does stand out:

Design a product, service or system to improve health and well being by encouraging and/or enabling better sleep.

As I have an interest in furniture, this seems similar in terms of designing a bed, however, it is important to note that the brief does not just refer to a physical object but a potential system or encouragement.

Although this does seem like a good brief to work, I want to avoid choosing a brief to suit my needs, which would lead to being completely neglectful in utilising all of the potential outcomes.


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