Chaotic Stressing

So much to do, so little time. There was quite a chaos caused with regards to the CNC machine, it meant that people had to wait for not 1 but 2+ (maybe more) weeks to get their models finished. According to our lecturer, it should take us no less than 4 weeks to get them ready. Therefore you can understand my (not so) pleasant surprise when mine was finished 2 weeks before the deadline. I acknowledge that I had submitted mine late yet that is almost irrelevant concerning the fact that a fellow student had submitted his on time and still had to wait approx. 3 weeks.

This put a lot of pressure on us to get the work done, I had tried looking externally however that did not go well, therefore, I just had to wait…

I am now trying to get my model finished to a “high quality” within this limited time frame, and to makes things worse we have to present set up our BBC models again which… have been thrown out. No, not by myself – I had gone in to collect my model yet did not find it so that was nice.

It is also Ramadan, (the month of fasting) so during the days, I am a concerned, hungry and frankly downright stressed student!


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