OK so most of my boards are done, it’s just the Bill of Materials that needs to be completed and there is just a week left until the presentation date, it seems that I am doing okay then – oh wait, there is still the A5 description to do.. great!. Actually, that shouldn’t take long.

When researching what materials to incorporate I found one material called (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Lignin) which has good properties for the context in which it is going to be used. ABL is recyclable, it can be melted three times and still perform well – this is quite good for the ethos of the company that is to produce the parts. It is also found that this plastic can perform better than other plastics such as ABS.

Not all of the parts are going to be specified e.g. the trigger as the internals are not different to what is commonly used. Due to this, the exploded view will be kept clean from excess lines are have a better aesthetic appearance. Majority of the parts will be outsourced as well, all students are aware that the company will be in charge of producing the drill and components that relate to the design of it. The remaining parts will be sourced from companies which specialise in creating the components required for the drill


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