OK so most of my boards are done, it’s just the Bill of Materials that needs to be completed and there is just a week left until the presentation date, it seems that I am doing okay then – oh wait, there is still the A5 description to do.. great!. Actually, that shouldn’t take long. […]

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Fruit Pot

I sat there, in front of the computer having my lunch when I noticed something, the fruit in the pot was being organised by myself in an almost subconscious manner. My mind seemed to be a separate component to the rest of my body, just observing what was being carried out. The fruit pot contained Pineapples, […]

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More stairs to climb

Just when things are looking better, there is the addition of more work… yay! The drill project is coming along, not nicely – just coming along. I am trying to get my posters done before my drill will be CNC’d so that I can concentrate on that alone when it is done. In total there […]

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Virtual Headache

So, how is everything you may ask, well the honest answer to that is It could be better There is a very unlikely chance that my drill will actually get CNC’d, this is due to the workshop being almost out of their depth on the amount of work they have to do as well as […]

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