Flies, Flies, Flies, do me a favour and fly away…

In any hot country, especially ones that are not amazing on the hygiene rating there will inevitably be flies. Ok I admit, I lived in the village in Pakistan (unfortunately) but these blasted flies were everywhere, on the marble floors, kitchen worktops and casually sitting on your arm, or leg, or face – basically anywhere that will let them settle.

Going to sleep was a nightmare in itself, if one got stuck in your room then you knew that you would be developing a relationship with that fly – one that involved the bottom of your shoe!

As a result I thought of a fly net

Well done for inventing something that already exists!


I’m on about a different type of flynet, one that will let you sleep

erm, that’s kinda already been made

Will you let me talk!

Now, where was I? 

Ah yes, a net that you could use anywhere, sort of like an origami net. Before going on holiday (if you can call it that) I saw some news about scientists manipulating papers to fold themselves so why not incorporate that?

With this net, you would not need to suspend it from a ceiling or have to wear anything, it would be a massive net that could be stiff enough to be manipulated to form any shape that you need. Obviously, this needs more designing, but these are a series of quick ideas I’ve thought of while abroad – just like to blog about them that’s all.


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