Based on the FPE chair by Ron Arad, the FPF i.e. Fantastic Plastic Furniture is something that could be quite revolutionary for design in small spaces. This new concept will be manufactured in the same way as its original ‘counterpart’ yet will utilise the space left by the milling to include runners. Runners?! Yes, what […]

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A compact drill in a compact world

My first-year designs are coming back to me, more specifically the first week of university in which we drew multiple objects. With the recent brief and previous concept of down sizing, I am thinking of adopting the same strategy: 1) Reduce the quantity of materials used and source from renewable sources wherever possible. At least […]

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4k Warm up

Before starting the ever so daunting dissertation there is the lesser intimidating research proposal. Consistent meetings with my tutor have meant that I am on track, reading multiple books and gathering information about my topic What is your topic? Good question, at the moment there is no set topic. Initially, there was the idea of […]

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Drilling my way through

Once more into the world of CAD, it has been nice to me so far as I have managed to complete my glue gun successfully (still pleasantly surprised). My hopes and expectations are beginning to look up now as I am feeling better about the whole thing. However, I get the feeling things are about […]

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