Asphalt Road

All notes have been typed up. It has been a crazy reading rampage which had me seeing words everywhere… even in my dreams – ok maybe not that bad but still.

These notes have been added to a word document alongside the book and page number which I will use to add some quotes to my proposal. I’m not sure if this should be done but I’m prepared to take that risk… live a little.

The books which I have tortured are as follows:

Chair: Massey, A

Scandinavian Furniture; A sourcebook of classic designs for the 21st century: Gura, J

Furniture By Architects; from Aalto to Zumthor: Hesse, Petra & Lueg, Gabrielle

Furniture Design; An Introduction to Development, Materials and Manufacturing: Lawson, S

Fantastic plastic; product design + consumer culture: S. T. I Mossman

Ergonomics At Work: Oborne, David J.

Furniture Designed by Architects: Page, M

Body Space; Anthropometry, Ergonomics and Design: Pheasant, S

Human Factors in Design: Sage, J & Goodier, A


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