Dusty trails

As I walk in the valley of academics, the beating sun reminds me of the limited time my proposal has to live. Sweat runs down my face from exhaustion of scouring the fields, looking for information. Hope appears between the tall dry grass yet is burned by time before I can get to it. All seems bleak as the sun proceeds towards setting. I know I have to do it, the question is when can I get it done by.

Getting information on ergonomics and aesthetics has proven to be more difficult than expected. Multiple searches online have brought up a few articles, journals and the occasional books. However, the main issue is – are they enough for a 4,000 word proposal?

Reflecting on my notes from previous books have proven to be of some help. I am reading them again but this time, I’m reading to reflect on the two categories above opposed to identifying a successful chair.

Everything is ‘up in the air’ at the moment, this proposal needs to be complete by the end of the week. It looks very unlikely that it will be complete before I’m due to jet off for my sister’s wedding.

I’ve borrowed more books and now reading through them to determine whether I can get any information. This is a key point in this so called ‘marathon’ as If I cannot find any information – resorting back to the initial question will have to be adopted.

“If there is no information, there is no information”


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