The hunt for Ashley

Calm down, I am not going to sharpen my pitchfork, I just want to talk – I promise.

Whilst studying different theories on the internet, two key themes were recurring constantly in my mind.

Ergonomics & Aesthetic

As mentioned in my previous post, the above two do quite fascinate me and I’m beginning to want to study them instead of a single chair. Whilst this could be understood as a vague thing, I’m still unsure of whether to go down this route or not.

Perhaps I can continue with the chair theme as see which plays a key role within this sector. A quick search in the university library has garnered disappointing results.

There are a few books which contain information with regards to ergonomics however, there aren’t any specific ones that relate to the aesthetic. I’ve yet to find some research that compares the both – not to say that it doesn’t exist of course.

I’m beginning to think that this will result in myself carrying out some research.

Brain wave!

What if I conducted a study to find out which chairs are deemed attractive and then got people to sit on them.

I would record the opinions before and after the experience and then reflect on the change.


After tracking down Ashley using my superb hunting skills (she was casually talking to someone in the heart space), I managed to talk to her about the following things. The new directive is now to look at the definition of ergonomic as well as aesthetic to then form a comparison or a relationship between them. The key definition is the particular topic will be the meaning of aesthetic in relation to design and to then find a chair that conforms to both meanings.


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