A compact drill in a compact world

My first-year designs are coming back to me, more specifically the first week of university in which we drew multiple objects. With the recent brief and previous concept of down sizing, I am thinking of adopting the same strategy:

1) Reduce the quantity of materials used and source from renewable sources wherever possible.

At least this is listed as a desirable objective in the brief so I should be ok – “should” being the key word.

My design will be for hobby enthusiast or maybe prosumers – basically, someone who is going to use the drill in a professional manner yet still in the context of making something out of creativity… more prosumer then!

Existing Products


The design will be something in regards to above. I want a compact drill, something easy to transport yet efficient enough to carry out the jobs and be reliable.


After Paul’s lecture, it seems that a lot of time will be spent on this project. Firstly there is the procedure needed to ensure the files are correct for machining. Secondly, there is the time that will be spent on the process to be completed and then finally, the time spent hand finishing the actual thing.

Paul has stress on multiple slides of the same presentation that it will take around a month to get the drill ready for the presentation… can’t wait!

I am predicting that I will become sick of the damn drill before the project ends, I think I will throw it out the window once the project has been marked, good riddance!


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