4k Warm up

Before starting the ever so daunting dissertation there is the lesser intimidating research proposal. Consistent meetings with my tutor have meant that I am on track, reading multiple books and gathering information about my topic

What is your topic?

Good question, at the moment there is no set topic. Initially, there was the idea of researching what is ‘cool’ and what is desirable. What is it that distinguishes what sells and what does not?

The above statement in itself is something quite broad (which I am encouraged to stay away from) so a smaller and more specific question must be adopted. How about investigating what makes a certain chair popular – this still echoes what the initial question was about yet is refined to allow for a more direct and informed dissertation proposal.

As with any academic piece of writing, theories will be applied to this, mainly Dick Pountain’s theory of cool. There are also other theories such as Bourdieu’s theory of taste as well as investigating ergonomics and their relationship with the aesthetic of something. The latter is something that fascinates me. What if a chair were to be discovered that was amazing to look at, a chair that you instantly fell in love with. A piece of furniture no, art that you had to have but, when you sat on it – the love had vanished and replaced by disappointment or detest

How can someone design something so beautiful yet so, so… uncomfortable?

One question: Would you still buy it?


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