Drilling my way through

Once more into the world of CAD, it has been nice to me so far as I have managed to complete my glue gun successfully (still pleasantly surprised). My hopes and expectations are beginning to look up now as I am feeling better about the whole thing. However, I get the feeling things are about to go wrong… very wrong.

We have to work harder than before (expected) with bigger presentation boards and bolder designs (naturally). Paul is expecting us to have the outside and inside machined which is where I feel I am going to struggle or succeed.

My previous approach worked well and therefore I am going to adopt it again (do not fail me now… or ever for that matter). I am going to start the project looking at the existing products and identify key strengths and weaknesses – this should lead me to understand how I am going to come up with a design and hopefully create a drill that will not only address those problems but be successful in other aspects as well.


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