Sprained ankle

The sprint turned to a hobble and then resulted in a screeching halt, I stood there outside the stadium with bated breath. All of this running has caught up to me, I can hear the noise of the bystanders wishing me to continue. My body is in pain both physically and mentally and honestly, I […]

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The Sprint

On your marks, get set…. type! It seems the pace has been a little slow for what is to be achieved within this time frame. The notes have been typed up and now there is the task of adding meat to the skeleton my constellation tutor has provided. So far everything looks bleak – again, […]

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Asphalt Road

All notes have been typed up. It has been a crazy reading rampage which had me seeing words everywhere… even in my dreams – ok maybe not that bad but still. These notes have been added to a word document alongside the book and page number which I will use to add some quotes to […]

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It happened so fast, no-one had time to prepare. The elders always warned us about this, but now… it’s too late. Yesterdays attack was brutal. They escaped out of nowhere and lashed out viciously, like they were creatures void of any human resemblance. The sirens are still blaring, telling us to evacuate while it’s still light […]

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Concrete pathways

After gaining information from books and taking notes (still much to read) I have decided that I have left the so-called dusty trail behind. My pace has quickened from an uncertain walk to a fairly confident stride. The books are proving to be worthy of my ever so decreasing time. Information gathered from there is being […]

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Dusty trails

As I walk in the valley of academics, the beating sun reminds me of the limited time my proposal has to live. Sweat runs down my face from exhaustion of scouring the fields, looking for information. Hope appears between the tall dry grass yet is burned by time before I can get to it. All […]

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The hunt for Ashley

Calm down, I am not going to sharpen my pitchfork, I just want to talk – I promise. Whilst studying different theories on the internet, two key themes were recurring constantly in my mind. Ergonomics & Aesthetic As mentioned in my previous post, the above two do quite fascinate me and I’m beginning to want […]

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