Unorthodox mock

The design of our chair was greatly helped by discovering the relaxation of the back, eases the stress on the spine. My group member has undertaken some research and we decided to go with it.

Creating a 1:1 mock of our chair brought out some spontaneity. Rather than use cardboard like the rest of the groups, I utilised random objects within my surrounding. We created our 1:1 model using card, MDF and other types of boards and books.

1:1 Mock made from gathered materials

I have to admit, it did feel like stealing from the workshops when carrying the items, I also had a fun time carrying an Ao from halfway across the building. One thing to reflect on is the ease of adapting or fine tuning things to perfection well, as perfect as we can get it in the short time given. Using this method allowed us to not only look like a bunch of idiots but get the proportions of the chair correct and let us be honest it is the latter that matters the most!


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