Casual interrogation

A new field module has started today which is aimed towards designing a chair for a member of CSAD staff. I got put into a team with another person and we have to design a chair for Owen Stickler. I don’t actually know who that is however, we have an interview with him so that we can understand his likes and dislikes.

Interview over and I feel that Owen is a very relaxed person. The interview was relatively informal and we found out that he likes to go to San Sebastian and likes to cook and listen to music. Based on these findings, I would like to make him a chaise or a lounging chair of that sort. This is to cater to the relaxed persona that Owen showed us during the interview.

Designing a chaise will allow Owen to use it whilst listening to his favourite music or whilst watching a movie with his friends and family.

An overall mood board was created to summarise Owen’s persona.

Mood Board
Mood board based on Owen Stickler’s answers

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