Forcefields and Laser Beams

The first task that we had to do for constellation is to think of our transitional object, so what is such an object?

Transitional Object is a term from developmental psychology specifically relating to those objects of affection, which the child soothes itself and which functions as a substitute for the mother.

I do not actually have an object which I refer to as my substitute mother, mainly because I am past the age of childhood and also – due to the fact that I do not carry something around which soothes me.

In fact, the only object that I can remember carrying out this function is my toy robot. I used to play with this robot during the days, then use  it to protect me from ‘monsters’ in the night. The amusing thing  is that the robot was able to walk and had a face that would turn red when batteries were inserted. I would think that an evil scientist would control it. Without batteries, the robot was a kind one, who just wanted to have friends.

I didn’t actually use this robot much during the day, occasionally I would use the wheels of the robot to skate or pretend he was “cool” And that I could ride on his back while he flew along. During the nights is when I would pretend the robot had an ability to create a forcefield or shoot lasers. The field would protect me from the monsters and the lasers vanquished them if they came close to my bed. Sometimes the robot wouldn’t be on my bed in the morning. To me, this would mean that the robot had gone to the kitchen or dining room to vanquish monsters over there and the sun came up so it had to go back to being a toy.

Sometimes, the robot would be in the toy box and that meant it was recharging for protecting me in the night. I wasn’t much conscious of the robot through out the day and did not really take it along with me either. It was only when it came to those dark and scary nights that I would remember the robots existence


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