Big words and theories

I am not quite sure of how to describe the constellation option.  I find it quite interesting and amusing at times and then, it can be a bit confusing with all the words that are used. I guess I just need to enhance my vocabulary to understand what is going on! The lecture content is […]

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Forcefields and Laser Beams

The first task that we had to do for constellation is to think of our transitional object, so what is such an object? Transitional Object is a term from developmental psychology specifically relating to those objects of affection, which the child soothes itself and which functions as a substitute for the mother. I do […]

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Quick way to make money

Field has started for the second year and I am currently enrolled in a module titled as above. From what I’ve seen at the moment – I feel that this will be an intensive course. We need to come up with a product that we’ll sell and hopefully make a profit on. I’m yet to […]

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