Review reflection

My presentation was right next to a girl who was presenting at the same time. This was obviously not going to work so they decided to let one person go first.

That person was me

I was quite nervous what with yesterday’s events. Richard had reassured me I would do fine which was some help. I had a good idea of what to say and began speaking, making sure to sound confident as well maintaining eye contact – not too much because that would be plain weird.

Side note# 

I find eye contact confusing sometimes. It’s like you need to have some to show the person that you’re confident however how long do you look at them for?!

Do you look for a couple of seconds and then look away – isn’t that rude? But then I do not exactly want a staring contest between myself and that person. I have always found this a bit weird.

(Digression over) 

After the review, Richard and Theo had pointed out a few things to improve on i.e swapping the Velcro attachments around so they did not get stuck in kids hair.

A way of mass manufacturing was also talked about briefly.

The review ended on a positive note and both reviewers mentioned the simplicity of the product as well as appreciating my set up.

Another side note# 

I presented my work in the same manner as the 3rd years or at least tried to. A final product accompanied by a small abstract and context images.

I wanted to try and experiment with this pesentation technique as I would be showcasing my own work in this manner in a few years IA


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