Posters and patches

I have printed out the posters on good quality paper and then stuck them on to an a3 board.

Using my trusted and very valued silicone gun I added them to the wall – utilising a spirit level to get the angles as straight as possible. Once they had dried I got some glass cleaner to try and get the acrylic shelves looking as good as possible.

Time to get the models on!

I kept the models in my car just in case they broke in the last minute. My bag had completely destroyed one model before so I wasn’t letting that happen again.

I put the models on the shelf however, the board was quite insecure and moved.

Not another great escape!

I taped the models to the shelves to make sure the models didn’t fall and break. Fake grass was used to represent outside and a bath matt represented inside. I was supposed to use carpet but went with the matt instead.

I assembled the larger scale model and then I was done!





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