Seldom shelving

After the paint had dried, I decided to put up some shelves using ‘no nails’. The acrylic shelf went up… and then came straight back down. Seems like I need to put more adhesive on them. I tried again and then cautiously stood next to it- waiting for it to fall again. Luckily, it never.

Time for the second shelf. Unfortunately I had a lot of things to carry and that particular shelf decided to make a great escape. It escaped alright, but not in a great manner as it broke when hitting the floor – charming!

Using some superglue I brought along (thankfully) I glued it together and stuck it on the wall. I added the other shelf and let it dry. Time for the most dreaded part- gluing  the biggest shelf.

Attempt one failed spectacularly. The braces that I designed were not touching the wall so, the thin shelf had nothing to support it – other than my mental exertion of course.

I then wandered around the space – looking at how others glued or fastened their shelves. I saw one support system and used that. I’m now waiting to see how it turns out (please work). I think I’ll apply some more adhesive and leave it overnight.


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