Exhibition Excercise

We were given the go ahead to choose our places and start the set up. Many of us ran around scavenging for 3rd years shelves to recycle. I had already made a few shelves out of clear acrylic so I was in an acceptable position.

My initial idea is to paint the board green one side, and purple the next however, now i’m thinking it might look a bit much. Most people are just sticking to white so I don’t want mine to seem unprofessional.

I’m going to have trees on the left of the board and thought of using masking tape as a stencil. When it came to actually using the tape I decided that it was not efficient enough. The best alternative is to use some chalk or, just get another colour to create objects and textures with a paintbrush.

My work is almost completed, I just need to show the image in context as well as finish off the abstract.

Again, i’m not going to be using a power point as I feel my products are self explanatory. Plus, I dont really like the idea of standing around with a laptop all day.

Ps. The board that i’m using has another persons work overleaf therefore I cannot mount a TV screen.


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