Fort Masters! (T3)

Children love technology a lot! Give my nephew a phone or let him play on his PS4 (he’s 9 and has a PS4!) and he’ll forget about the nice weather outside or even respond to what people are talking to him about. These days children play inside more than out. This is not some rant remembering the good ol’ days but merely showing that children are like this as, they’ve been brought up in this condition. When I play my childhood games with them, they love it!

Tag in the park, Blind man’s bluff , or running around like a loony…tune. They really enjoy themselves and ask to go to the park again. That’s until we make an excuse to not take them as we haven’t the time. The park becomes something that is for the weekend or sunny days when mummy and daddy can actually take them.

It’s just easier to shove a screen in their face and get them to amuse themselves. Well it seems that their amusement and screen shoving has gone to quite a length. They are spending much more time on screens than previous, an estimated 6 hours a day in fact. So when people blame children for being antisocial who is actually to blame other than those who did not cater to letting their child run free in nature. Not all children are the same and it’s important to remember that. Some children love the outdoors and others… not so much.

What if I could make something that would cater to the adventurous children but also invite the more tech savvy ones to get up from their virtual worlds. Something that they can use independently, and not ask anyone to help them play with it.

I believe this is in the form of fort making. It doesn’t matter what age you are or even the years you were born in – all children loved and still love making forts. I made one for my nephew and niece to play in, to my surprise my twenty something sister joined in. It seems that what is fun, is fun!

However, the brief I set myself was to educate children as well so, how can I achieve this? It seems that the answer to this is in the way that this fort making is done. Each construction requires a different approach towards its making. This will essentially get the children to think in a different manner and broaden their minds as well as help their grey matter!



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