Model madness!

For my final exhibition I would like to present a large scale model with a 1:35 model as well as a fort guide AND images of my product being used.

When making my 1:1, I had to get Velcro, PVC tubes, pipe cutter, super glue and probably other things I’ve forgotten. I’ve printed the pipe connectors and attached the Velcro so fabric could be added to them.

The Wickes PVC pipe doesn’t look good just like that, so I decided to spray them with some metallic silver paint. However, when I inserted them into the connectors – it scraped the paint off… Great!

Unfortunately I’m going to have to continue with plain white pipes. I could sand them but then it will make the connection loose which is not ideal either. I need to scrape off the rest of the paint so it doesn’t look weird or unprofessional. Only then I can attach the Velcro to the pipe via sewing.

I tried to make the 1:35 from metal rods at first and it was going well, that was until I had to glue them together. I tried to use super glue which didn’t work nor did a hot glue gun. Even soldering didn’t work! Then, I had a eureka moment and thought of using skewers which would definitely work with super glue.

After sticking my model to the table numerous times, and having a slight wonky model- I realised that my eureka moment – was not so eureka. Now I need to look for dowels but square ones. Square ones would make my model easier to construct hence, a better outcome.

The only thing is that, I cannot find the things. I’m going to double check with university and will either buy them online or have to continue with skewers.

The guide is almost complete. I’ve added the information and made it easy for children to read. Now I just need to get my nephew and niece to review it and give me feedback.

If that’s not enough I’m also remaking my model that I created for field last term. I 3D printed them and then added some spray paint to them. The segments are hollow to make the printing quicker, as well as cheaper of course.

The lids didn’t print properly and, I also forgot to add a space to house the magnet. I could correct that by slowly drilling the piece – ‘Slowly’ being the key word. Unfortunately I drilled the hole a bit too slow which ended up melting the piece.

I re-made the cad model and am now just waiting to print them again. I’ll spray paint them and then glue it on to the main body.


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