The shark’s paintbrush

I borrowed this book from Cardiff library as it seemed quite interesting to read. I couldn’t read Janine’s book any more as I was finding it hard to concentrate. I’ve read the relevant chapters however so that’s not a complete loss.

The book was good to read as it started off with providing key but, brief information on topics. Not like biomimicry: learning from nature – it didn’t spend approx. 40 pages talking about ‘seeds’ or agriculture.

Jay (the author) included a variety of companies in his book as well as acknowledging what they have achieved. He would narrate small yet relevant stories that happened to him in his life e.g his numerous job meetings and exhibitions.

I got most of my information from this book due to the content Jay had put in the book – including when he was starting his own biomimetic business.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand biomimicry. It can get detailed but it is a good read


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