Tents in trees 

Many kids are spending more and more time inside using tech. It is estimated that they spend 6 hours looking at screens per day.

My idea was to create a tent of sort. I did this as, I can remember loving this activity when I was younger. It also went down a treat with my nephew and niece. However the brief required there be some sort of technology present in the final outcome so, what to do?

Ideally I would have liked it to just be something away from tech but the brief is the brief.  A projector was then included so that it could project an image in the tent which would be almost immersive to watch. when presenting I chose astronomy as it was quite awe inspiring however, any images of material can be displayed or customised to the child’s specifications.

This project would be inside a tent that could be suspended in trees (with the help of adults of course). The tent can be installed anywhere be in the back garden or even the park (if you can get permission!).

It is designed in a manner that will be comfortable for children to be in and will be safe, which is the number one priority.



The final outcome is shown below. (I had less than a week making this video so be warned it is a little bit cringey!)



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