Subjective selection

I’ve Just started the 3rd term and we have to decide a 1st term project to work on

I’m quite unsure of what to go with. I want to go with the whole idea of encouraging children to play outside but – without the tech aspect as in the original brief.

On the other hand there is the idea of having childrens’ coats made with thermochromic paint to show their temperature and wellbeing i.e how cold or warm they are when playing outside.

There is a third option which involves continuing with the second term project of making an extension cable that you literally extend by adding more blocks.

After talking to Theo, i’ve decided to go with the idea of having tents that you can make quite easily, and intuitive for chilren to use.

Originally, they were designed to be in trees but i want this one to be on the ground, to make it easier for children to use and limit the requirement for adult intervention.

The tent will be like a scalextric track where it will be completely customisable. An inital idea is to have sheets that have multiple pockets in them to place fasteners in. Theo provided me with the idea of using magnets as they are really easy to use and a fascinating subject for most children.

So, I have managed to decide in the fixtures that i want to use for my fort making set, that what i’m calling it now. The reason being is that some metals are not as magnetic than others- steel is quite magnetic but i cannot have children carrying that around now can I. It will result in a heavier frame than expected and could also limit the creations as the fort would not be able to stand up


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