Tents in trees 

Many kids are spending more and more time inside using tech. It is estimated that they spend 6 hours looking at screens per day. My idea was to create a tent of sort. I did this as, I can remember loving this activity when I was younger. It also went down a treat with my […]

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Subjective selection

I’ve Just started the 3rd term and we have to decide a 1st term project to work on I’m quite unsure of what to go with. I want to go with the whole idea of encouraging children to play outside but – without the tech aspect as in the original brief. On the other hand […]

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Biomimicry: learning from nature

I’ve been reading the above book for a while now. The first chapter started off quite interesting, it addressed the issues that farmers are facing in terms of their crops. Janine had visited quite a few people who specialised in the agricultural field. The book gives clear information on the types of plants or crops […]

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