Field confusion

I have just complete my field presentation and i’m happy to say it went well.

If i’m being really picky, i could have improved by fitting the presentation in to the four minute time slot but oh well. What’s done is done.

I mean I never even got to show my drawings I spent all day on but hey it went well.. I continue to tell myself. Ah as they say – we’re never happy with what we have!

But overall the field part to the course has turned out relatively good. If i’m honest, sometimes it felt like we were headless chickens.

Scheduled to be in different places with .. Weird people from the year. But what was important is to get a new perspective from those weird people – a weird perspective right?

Even though the ideology of those people was mostly forgotten when I had moved on to the next thing, it did occasionally make an appearance.

Recycled and enticing for the youth,

in other words – an extension cable that was environmental friendly and appealed to children. 

nothing dangerous about that! 

After tweaking the ideology or ‘themes’ I had come up with two: ease of use and longevity.

Overall I did like how we were let loose to choose whatever we wanted, opposed to given something to design. We were expected to produce certain things that would be shown in the presentation.

It is this free reign and broad topic ideas that i quite like. It gives the intiative for a product designer to explore the market and find a niche


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