Chucking  pottery 

While raku firing I had told Matt about my desire to do some pottery throwing. Matt informed me about a tutor called Duncan who could help me. 

I then attended an induction course where I managed to turn out a few satisfactory pots. The experience was quite cool when using the wheel, however my work felt and looked really unprofessional compared to the 2nd year pro potters.

Well it was my first go, and I continued to make an effort and generally get a feel for the way clay was thrown. 

Duncan said that we could improve our pots when they had dried so that was something to look forward to. 

After the induction I was free to use the wheel whenever I wanted, so I could create more odd looking pieces. 

Unfortunately Duncan got busy and I got impatient, so I decided to glaze them as I was sort of proud of the way they looked. 

The pots are  small, decorational as well as a reminder of what I achieved. 


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