Creative choices

Well I have other plans that I would like to do. 

The pots that I threw were too small for planters, so my sister has asked me to create some more bigger ones – raku fired. (Sorry Matt) 

I want to create three vases for my other sister so she can display them in her house. I’m planning on creating a henna design on them. Oh and also raku fired. ( I think I’ve developed a thing for raku) 

And lastly I want to create an owl lamp for my youngest sister. What, I only have three! 

I’m thinking of having a cream/ golden theme with purple. It’s going to be made out of plaster and recycled lamp wiring.

Hopefully I can make it all. Oh and I’m also making a penguin inspired baby grow for my nephew who i’ve nicknamed waddle. He’ll be born in April IA. 

My sister might make a lamb inspired baby grow as he’ll be a spring baby IA. 

Not a lot to do then! 


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