Not so raku 

As I was making my first vase, my friend had jokingly asked me to make one for him. He was getting engaged soon, so  I thought it was a good idea as a small gift. 

He didn’t like my previous raku attempt and thought the effect was well, ugly – each to their own I suppose. 

What vase could I give him? I thought of a hydrian vase and used that as an inspiration.


Inspiration from Hydrian vase
I really liked the shape and thought it would be appreciated better than my previous “ugly” vase. 

I spent much of my time working on this, creating it through coils of raku clay. At one point it looked so wrong I wanted to bin it! 

However, consultation with Matt and a step backwards changed my mind. I was back in the workshop and working at the vase. Every spare moment was spent improving the piece so I could make it for the kiln deadline. 

I created a handle which fell off but, allowed me to create a better one instead. 
Finally it was ready to be biscuit fired. 

Vase ready to be fired

After firing I asked my friend for their favourite colour which was turquoise or dark green/ blue. 

I added that glaze and voila: 

Finished Item

I now had something to add to my collection of slightly wonky pottery.

Collection of ceramics

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