Raku firing

I really wanted to try raku firing, since I saw it on the pottery throwdown. The uni held workshops and this was my chance! 

First day I decided to make a vase – basically didn’t know what else to make! 

Matt (techician) introduced a method called coiling which was effective when using raku clay. I used a cloth and bowl as a cast to create two halves and extruded a neck. 

I spent most of my time at the ceramics dept. Much to matt’s dismay – I think I was starting to annoy him with my constant questioning and general curiosity/ pestering. 

He told us about glazing and the colours we could use. I thought of going for blue and really liked the sheen that glazes had with them. 

I even got to use an airbrushing tool which was cool, even though I was pretty bad at using it. 

Vase glazed, it was time to raku fire! 

We huddled together in a big shed behind the uni and put our prized creations in to the kilns. There was a gap in which we could see them heating up.

Once they were the right temperature, we quickly put them into dustbins whilst adding various combustable items. 

I was in charge of adding these and almost, well nearly singed Matt’s eyebrows off! Luckily he was ok. 

We put the lid back on to keep oxygen away and then finally, cleaned them! 

First attempt at raku vase

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