Guess what brand!

What if companies decided to throw their products out of the ‘window’ and started creating different ones?

How would a fan made by apple look like? White, smooth and minimal I guess, with the metallic accent here and there.

Similarly, we had to choose a product and recreate it in the ‘house style’ of another company.

The product I chose was a watch, call it bland if you may but I really wanted to design a watch so, I did!

Now to redesign it in the style of another company. Well, the one that I chose was… Actually let’s play a guessing game!

A brand that has their logo 6 times on their product but not really paid a lot of attention to.

Made from a single shape but repeated. (Massive give away)

Has one colour throughout.

As their logo was the only thing that remained constant (another big clue if you haven’t got it yet), on their various products – I decided to go with that.

A watch has different components that do different things i.e the second and minute hand. Some watches even tell the date – a lot of ‘compartments’ on a small circle!

Therefore I decided to use those simple shapes to construct the compartments.

L-R first model to final

The initial model used shapes that were created by the interlocking shapes but I thought it to be too abstract.

Being modern is also the companies aim, therefore this watch had to be modern as well, so all of those classical elements were gone and refined to what is functional opposed to aesthetic.

For example the fastening I made was not the usual buckle but, utilised magnets.

I made my model from blue foam, added some renderings to it and blacked out the rest for the strap.

The finished product is below.

layout of model with accompanying material

I also added an image of Brad Pitt wearing my watch so help things a bit:

Brad Pitt wearing my watch


Ps. If you haven’t guess it yet, I’ve modelled this watch on Audi.


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