Future mobiles

The future of mobile phones is definitely something that the tech savvy person is looking to find out. Based on a variety of websites and movies, I can definitely say that the world will be using very slim, expandable, and powerful phones.

Majority of the phones will come with high end graphics and camera quality no doubt. There is 4k TV with talks about having 8k being introduced soon. My guess is that we will have holograms as well. It’s been talked about a lot but a firm in japan has actually invented something that resembles a hologram so that is definitely a step in the doorway to this world. It’s called the aerial imaging plate and has been created by a Japanese company called asukanet.

The phone that I designed uses advancing technology we have now to predict what kind of uses we will have in 2050. For example the hologram that has been already created however the problem with that is, it uses 2d images which is what restricts the whole creation of a more ‘realistic’ hologram.  My proposed phone is also expandable as the desired function is. If you’ve seen one of the IPhone 7 concepts then you will know what I am talking in regards to. A customisable phone in this aspect is amazing as it means that the phone can be fit in to someone’s pocket but also double up as a big screen when needed.

The technology that I’m looking to use with this is by having a plastic screen, which believe it or not, has already been created. So all the device will need to do is project is on this material and hey presto!

As cool as that seems we are probably a long way from that, but then again this is for the future. The plastic would be retracted through using coils, it’s basically ‘nicked’ the idea from a measuring tape – charming.

The above features will help the user or in this case moni in her life as it would be quite compact therefore she can take it anywhere that she wants. It will have a projector that she can use to share images on her phone, opposed to huddling around a small screen as the current trend. Her phone will also be able to play music by streaming it as the fairly recent trend is nowadays. Before we had to carry pre-recorded music with us in the form of cassettes or tapes. This was quite blocky as, any 90’s kid would remember, posed a problem when trying to fit it in your pocket. Then technology changed as we didn’t need CDs or anything no longer. The items were just in our iPhone and we could play them. Then streaming was invented or started to be used more commercially. We just needed to download an app and then we could listen to music provided that we have internet… oh?


Hmm, now how can we get rid of this aspect? What if there is a runner who wants to listen to music but cannot get any internet connection, what will they do then?


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