Aesthetically pleasing 

Design something based on entirely on its looks. Not exactly a hard thing to do,

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

That is more or less the limitation I have. So we need to design something that just looks beautiful and nothing else, it doesn’t need to have a function?To me, that represents an adornment – something that does not really have another task but to only look good. So maybe I can start off with looking at the most liked or common adornment or accessory in peoples’ dining rooms or houses.

Nature is considered to be beautiful is it not? So maybe design something with regards to that. I’ve constantly seen small animals being displayed in windows which range from rabbits to dogs, cats as well as the occasional deer. As this is something that is subjective to me, maybe I’ll go with an animal that I find not only beautiful but also elegant and representative of love – you know all that cheesy stuff.

So what can this be made from? my guess is clay, it will allow me to sculpt the swan with smooth surfaces and exactly to my specifications. I’ll be using Das clay and then finish it off with painting it white with maybe some blue ‘accents’ on the wings to make it look nice, or in this case beautiful.



my nephew needed to make a lion for his forest project, what a reason to get the clay out again! This time I aided him in making a lion and made one myself!

Das lion.. with missing ears (definitely biologically correct)

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