Mind control robots

3D printing, what we can print in the comfort of our own homes is virtually limitless. Although we can use the printer for helpful things such as printing pieces that fell of the cooker or the part that doesn’t fit right on the toaster. There is the chance of printing things that are not used domestically – and maybe violently.

3D printers are advertised as things that can print many things which is positive but also, negative. Why a negative? who dictates what can be printed or not. Once a user has purchased one, it is up to them to decide to print “anything”.

There are plans of plastic guns that can be downloaded which means giving free access to anyone. What if a child has access to a 3D printer, what would they print?

Asking my 9 and 5 year old nephew and niece had proven to be interesting. I asked them to imagine a scenario where they were bullied and the teacher could not help them. My nephew had planned to print some boxing gloves with a bit of metal to scare the bullies into leaving him alone and my niece decided to print a robot that would turn bad people good.




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