Data stalking 

This project looked at open data, something that is openly accessible to the public

We had to collect data from a chosen country and design a product accordingly. My group chose to go with Cardiff and, as we’re in the UK – we decided to go with the weather. 

The product we designed was a coat that had thermochromic pigments on it to show the child’s overall temperature while they’re outside. We also made them customisable for children so they can choose what colours or designs they like. 

Once the coat begins to change from a light colour to a dark one, the parent will be aware that their child might be getting realy cold or ill. Real time sensors are also shown on the coat (by the chest) which will reflect the temperature of the child i.e the inside of their coat. 

If the parent deems it too low then they can leave the park or other locations and go inside to be warm again. 


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