Run a mile in their shoes 

This task was aimed at immersing ourselves in a specific type of culture that we would design a product for. The target group we chose were runners and headed down to the park to witness running first hand.

When running, we saw problems with equipment I.e. headphones as well as clothing. The headphone wires would flail around and be hard to access when it would come to either changing the volume or answering calls. Clothing posed an another issue as, the hood of jackets were quite flimsy and blew in different directions, causing the wearer some discomfort.

We then took this one step further by conducting surveys on runners to see whether this problem was shared by others. It is estimated that there are about 2 million people in the UK alone that jog or run as a hobby.

The results that we  received were that, 66% of our sample did listen to music whilst jogging and that they were between the ages of 18 – 24.

Based on the statistics received, we redefined our brief to come up with a better and more distinct approach to aiding our target market.


When reflecting on this project, I was unsure of what was actually expected of us. I was aware that we had to look at existing problems within a category but, did not have a clear understanding of whether we had to actually design something or not.


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