Crazy about spoons

This was an interesting brief to say the least. We were introduced to variety of different terms and methods of learning that enabled us to decide/ customise the vague brief we were given. I decided to go with the idea of making spoons for children as I found it to be quite simple. All I […]

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Future mobiles

The future of mobile phones is definitely something that the tech-savvy person is looking to find out. Based on a variety of websites and movies, I can definitely say that the world will be using very slim, expandable, and powerful phones. Majority of the phones will come with high-end graphics and camera quality no doubt. […]

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Aesthetically pleasing 

Design something based on entirely on its looks. Not exactly a hard thing to do, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder That is more or less the limitation I have. So we need to design something that just looks beautiful and nothing else, it doesn’t need to have a function?To me, that represents […]

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Guess what brand!

What if companies decided to throw their products out of the ‘window’ and started creating different ones? How would a fan made by apple look like? White, smooth and minimal I guess, with the metallic accent here and there. Similarly, we had to choose a product and recreate it in the ‘house style’ of another […]

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Mind control robots

3D printing, what we can print in the comfort of our own homes is virtually limitless. Although we can use the printer for helpful things such as printing pieces that fell of the cooker or the part that doesn’t fit right on the toaster. There is the chance of printing things that are not used […]

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Easy ice breaker 

This was the first project that we had started which was designed to aid us in our drawing skills We were given a number of different items to draw which would test our current drawing skills. These items ranged from coffee pots to designing our own impact driver.  We were also given a booklet to […]

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Data stalking 

This project looked at open data, something that is openly accessible to the public We had to collect data from a chosen country and design a product accordingly. My group chose to go with Cardiff and, as we’re in the UK – we decided to go with the weather.  The product we designed was a […]

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