Constellation Task

As a product designer, there can be various agencies at play. The type of product or, outcome produced would depend on what initiated the process. One example of agency is: Idea – material – product. The designer is the person who begins to play with ideas in their mind. These ideas could be derived from the experience of the designer or, a gap within the market to exploit.

This links with materiality, the designer will have access to a wide range of materials they can utilise to make their product from.  However it is about the way the material would complement the product and work with, that will define whether it is successful or not. An example being that metal is considered to be strong and durable which is ideal for making things with. However incorporating it in a children’s’ hand held toy would not really be appropriate.

The meaning behind the above statement is that, although some materials possess the qualities that you may require; using them could mean that the product is not successful due to being incompatible with the target audience

Finally, the third category is ‘Product’. This is the final stage of the designing process in which a physical (or virtual) object has been created. After considering the ideas and materials to use; it will only be then, the product can be made and released in to the market. And if designed properly with appropriate development – the product will be successful.


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