Uncertain hovering 

This was the first project we had to do in studio. It composed of getting into groups and making either a hovercraft or speedster to race. We found it easier to make a hovercraft as there were less technical details to take into consideration plus, not many people were making it.

With the hovercraft, we had to look at reducing the weight while having a decent/ good propulsion for the craft.

Our approach to this problem

was to design the body out of light weight materials. We also took into consideration the different fan types as well as, the amount of power needed.

The first prototype was not really efficient as it moved very slowly whilst using a lot of power.

First Prototype
First Prototype
We then went back to the drawing board to decide how to make our next prototype. While doing this, I was messing about with a coffee cup somewhat and added a propeller to it for a bit of fun. To our surprise it actually worked!

Hovercraft Diagram
Hovercraft Diagram
I cut out a small flap to allow propulsion, but then bent it slightly to vent the air downwards to provide lift.


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