Massive restrictions 

I have started a new project today entitled “The swan”. The main aim of the project is to redesign an electronic object however, not without any restrictions. We cannot have push buttons, touch screen, pressure pad OR voice activation?.

Leaving majority of the students (including myself) confused, we had to come up with ideas that we would present on Friday, alongside a rendered drawing and a 1:1 model.

First sketch of camera
First sketch of camera

The ideas that I have so far are, to utilise cameras to scan the users eyes to look at where they are looking themselves. Like this, the user becomes a remote and simply changes the channels by looking at specific areas of the TV.

Dial Remote


My second idea was to have  a remote that would consist of only dials which had a different function each. I.e. the dials could control the volume, with others changing the channel


A Third idea to have a small black cube which acts a channel changer. When the cube has a battery attached to it (borrowing the technology used for wireless charging in Samsung Phones) the cube will activate; projecting a hologram of a keyboard OR set of numbers to change the channel with.



Based on the feedback that I had received from tutors, I decided to go with the remote which consisted of dials. I then simplified the design to make it more intuitive to use.

Improved Remote


The overall shape is better looking in terms of aesthetics and Remote detailshas a flattened
bottom to stop the object from rolling away. The next step that was to look at ways that this product could be functional. The solution of this problem was thought out by looking at the mechanics of a Rubik’s cube.

For the 1:1 model I had gotten a polystyrene sphere, cut it in half and then used a tooth pick to enable the revolving of the segments. The final model is presented below:

Final Model



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